• New Know How to post 360-degree photos to Facebook

    Facebook launched earlier this year, features 360-degree view. This feature on the top-down, front-back in every way possible to see any photos. That is why the quality of the image will be 360 ​​degrees.

    360, using a special camera to create 360-degree images. Google Street View Camera App, or it can be done.

    Almost everyone we've used a variety of 360-degree image. But the experience does not have to upload the picture to Facebook. These photos are uploaded to Facebook or upload photos to other posts too easy. Let's take a look at how these images can be posted on Facebook

    Lust is the masterwork posts from around the web:-

    News Feed section on your timeline and click on the photo or video. Then select a picture. The image you want to share with whom, it must be selected. Click and drag the image to be.

    Post lust is the masterwork of the smartphone:-

    What's On Your Mind Click on the first option. Then click on the photos or videos to select a picture. Next, you need to select the desired visitors. Move your phone to view the image, or drag a finger. By clicking the picture you can see the whole picture.

    Source: The Times of India

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