What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is a process of using the search engine to your site can deliver to everyone free of charge to everyone. Let us take the example of the fact that more clear.

We use the Internet, nearly all of them are familiar with the search engine. google, yahoo, ask etc. These are very popular search engine Google. When we want to know about anything when we do search the search engine. For example, if all the newspaper's web site if you want to link to the Google search box may include "Indian newspaper links". After a while you will see when you search the Web site links to many of these appeared in front of you.

Now you may think I think the key here was the site of the link. Google sites or sites chosen Google has to submit one application. Right at the top of the two ideas. However, after the first application of its sort. The search engine optimization is the combination of the two. That's the right way to start sorting the search engine site to submit search engine optimization works.

Google search engine, submit a list of all the sites or publish the results. Search engine optimization is the major work on the first page of the list. Google released the list of the popularity of a site, the requirements, including the importance of considering the quality. And for the quality of SEO work is done to make a site search engine.

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