SEO is done through Google Adsense to earn the biggest and strategy. What do you say?

We do some income through Google Adsense. Some more and some less. Again there are many who have long tried: 1 year, could not bring pocket money. It is always a question of whose income is less than what strategies the others are earning so much. Let us assume that such strategies can multiply your income multiple.

SEO, the means Search Engine Optimization. In my opinion, I could be your only income is the biggest SEO strategies. For example, a web site without visitors, why is the price Google Just as visitors to the site and is worth less.

There is no comparison to SEO to increase the visitor. If your site is one of the most popular keywords on Google search engine is the first page the visitor to find what it takes to wandering?

Many a visitor has been submitted to various blogs on their site. Click eyade but did not mind. what's the reason? Because a blog is a lot of traffic types and different needs. They also have different needs. The site has about the site you may be able to find much-needed item. Some people may visit your site out of curiosity. But what benefit you? No. They are only going to continue to visit your site. I have said before, I Visitor's still a lot of importance. But more important is the content or subject-based traffic. The best way to do this is that the search engine. And as we all know, Google eyada with respect to the content of the web site was published. As a result of all the traffic that comes from search engine, they will click on your eyade relatively much higher. Because your Google edera are within their desired things. Search Engine Optimization With so much visitor traffic, as well as 100% based on content or subject matter. The more clicks you can come.

However, Search Engine Optimization, but it is not so easy. Your need for site submit, Page Rank, Google webmaster, back link, Keyword many important issues, including the need to secure.

So from the beginning we realized that in order to earn more clicks from Google Adsense, you need to click more visitors and more subject-oriented than at the end of all things necessary for visitor-based Search Engine Optimization. I hope that everyone will agree with me and tell me your opinion.

Search Engine Optimization is more and more starting from the Google Adsense revenue. Thanks

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