10 things to do before applying for Google AdSense

10 things to do before applying for Google AdSense 

As we all know, Google AdSense is the biggest online-based advertising agency. Click Rate the high cost of advertising and special facilities for all types of bloggers and Webmasters to earn their blog will be online by using Google AdSense. However, most bloggers fail to approve Google AdSense is due to their ignorance. But a few tips to follow if you are patient and easily few days, Google AdSense can be approved. Below we will share with you on Google AdSense things that must be done before Apply.
  • Custom domain: 

    Domain is too important to get the approval from Google AdSense. Most new bloggers on their blog Sub-Domain (Blogspot.com or Wordpress.com) was used to apply for Google AdSense. As a result, Google found that reject their application directly. However, there was a time when the Sub-Domain with AdSense approval could have been very easily, but recently passed the issue too hard. Therefore, it is easy to be the first to buy a good quality Custom Domain. Nor Custom Domain Using search engine optimization can enjoy some special benefits.
  • Domain Age: 

    Another important issue in years to get approval for the Google AdSense is domain. AdSense for at least 3 months old before applying to be your domain. However, AdSense for domains after 6 months of age to apply for the best. Moreover, several countries in Asia, including 6 months until the blogger is not available with the opportunity to apply for AdSense.
  • Blog Design and Loading Speed: 

    User Friendly Blogger template or website, and you certainly will be interesting to see. Any type or size so that readers easily read the content from the device. Blog Header, Post, Sidebar and Footer with Google AdSense code, so that all parts are installed. Loading Speed ​​Moreover, your blog must be good. If not, do not get visitors expected at the blog Slow speed.
  • Search Engine Friendly: 

    Each post in your blog template and the search engine will be Friendly. This is a blog that will help you get quickly approved Google AdSense. Moreover, Google AdSense is the Robot, which will scan your blog. Each blog post at Search Engine Friendly is not the case if AdSense will not approve. If you should keep an eye on SEO.
  • Enough Content: 

    Remember, the main thing for a blog is  Content. Content will be as good as the quality of your blog will get more traffic. So good quality content on a regular basis to share. Before applying to Google AdSense on your blog post must have at least 0/5 of the unique quality. Categories Each blog post will be at least 5.
  • Each of Posts Limit: 

    Of course, as the amount of each post must be written. Just post any 0/5 can not expect to get when you Google AdSense. Google AdSense bot you will know that before being approved, the amount of each post is written. Words of the quality of each post must be at minimum 500/600.
  • Some important Pages: 

    Pages such as several major blog About Us, Privacy Policy and Contact Us pages must be kept. A few years ago, Google AdSense Team had a rule that every blog will keep a Privacy Policy page. Rules to keep him in the course of the rest of the pages.
  • The name, age and e-mail : 

    Your name, age and e-mail addresses with a Google Account and Contact Us pages will be used. The Google AdSense robot easily with your name, age and e-mail address will be confirmed. In addition to Google AdSense must be 18 years of age to apply.
  • Visitors from search engines: 

    Visitors to Google AdSense for search engines if your blog becomes easier. Because of that traffic comes from search engines, blogs and more blogs like Google. Therefore, in order to receive traffic from search engines SEO should be followed carefully. If a visitor to your blog is you can not expect to get AdSense. Google AdSense for your blog unique visitors per day must have at least 200/300.
  • Other ads offered : 

    If you use any other kind of PPC ads on your blog, then it will be removed prior to applying to Google AdSense. Otherwise, Google will not allow AdSense on your blog. Google AdSense ads because they do not like the show, as well as any other kind of advertising.

All of the above steps, if followed closely recent bloggers blog for the first time Apply without any doubt that Google AdSense will be able to approve. So if your favorite blog using Google AdSense to earn online if you want to be a need to prepare well before the blog. Then Google AdSense is not only very easy to feel like the golden deer.

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